Q: How does Cross Link Group keep its prices so low compared to industry standards?

A: Cross Link Group does not have any outstanding debt or capital such as office space or management overhead.

Q: Does Cross Link Group provide maintenance contracts?

A: Yes. The benefit is lower pricing and service level agreements.

Q: Why does Cross Link Group primarily work with ministries?

A: Initially, Cross Link Group was started for the sole purpose of helping out ministries. As we have grown, we have expanded our services into the rest of the non-profit sector and businesses.

Q: I’m ready for Cross Link Group to service our technology needs; where do I start?

A: Contact the Cross Link Group office at 719-569-5702 or email info@crosslinkgroup.com for information regarding how CLG can serve your needs. A CLG team member will respond to your inquiry to help you get started.

Q: Can I contract CLG for only one of their services?

A: Yes, CLG can assist organizations in one or more of the services available. You do not have to utilize all of the CLG services to work with CLG.

Q: Can I contract CLG for a short-term project or service?

A: CLG is available to help organizations transition into a new technology solution or any other number of short-term projects. CLG does not require a contract and can be utilized as needed.

Q: Does CLG work on-site or off-site?

A: CLG team members typically work off-site for most of our clients. CLG services most computers by logging in remotely. However, for network installations, one or more CLG team members will be on-site. Organizations requiring more than 20 hours a week can be contracted for on-site service if that best suits their needs.

Q: How do I contact the CLG Service Desk?

A: For Service Desk requests, please email support@crosslinkgroup.com. Your request will be logged and assigned to the appropriate team member. In a case that email is not available, contact the Service Desk by phone at 719-569-5702.

Q: Where is the CLG Service Desk actually located?

A: The CLG Service Desk office is currently located at:
Orchard Alliance, 8595 Explorer Drive, 1st Floor S., Colorado Springs, CO 80920