Cross Link Group (CLG) can provide your business with affordable technology services and solutions for your technical needs. We have serviced organizations for more than 20 years.  Taking advantage of technology to gain a competitive edge is an important goal we can help you with.

Purpose of Technology

Technology has become an important and necessary tool for companies to accomplish their goals. Communication, customer relationship management, collaboration and efficiency are several key components for business effectiveness.


Cross Link Group desires to be a leading provider of service desk, infrastructure and technology services to organizations, equipping them to complete their work effectively and efficiently.


Cross Link Group’s mission is to provide affordable, professional, and functional technology and services to every company we serve. Our goal is to enable businesses to leverage technology, cost effectively, to achieve their goals.

Our History

Cross Link Group (CLG) began in 1995 to assist non-profit organizations that could not manage or afford technology. Today CLG services many organizations, including complex financial institutions requiring high levels of security.


“I met Ron Fleming and Cross Link Group over ten years ago and was impressed with their work for other organizations.  When our Information Technology Officer announced he wanted to retire, I knew I wanted to explore whether the Cross Link Group would be willing to work with our community bank.  Most of my career has been spent in an IT capacity, so I understand the complexities of today’s network infrastructure and the risks we face.  We are very blessed that Ron and his team said yes, and we have engaged their team to not only replace all of our network IT infrastructure but also engaged them to support working with our critical software vendors.

I am impressed with their work ethic, attention to detail, ability to add strategic value, and overall support of our organization.  The transition could not have gone any smoother, and I look forward to many years ahead with the Cross Link Group working with us to meet our objectives as a community bank.”

Tony L. Perry
President & CEO
Park State Bank & Trust