Cross Link Group (CLG) was started in 1995 to serve organizations by providing IT assessments and audits with strategic recommendations. These organizations in turn requested assistance in technical delivery, so CLG expanded into technical services providing Service Desk and Infrastructure support in 1997. With the arrival of PCI DSS compliance, CLG added security assessments and mitigation around 2005. In 2009, CLG started expansion into datacenters in Las Vegas and later Fort Collins to provide managed hosting services (private cloud) including web sites, application hosting, disaster recovery, backups and business continuity (and several other services including donation management SaaS). Then CLG expanded in 2015 into cloud IaaS support of Azure and Amazon Web Services when it is cost effective for organizations. Most of the organizations CLG assists have been moved to Office 365 and its associated applications (such as OneDrive and SharePoint Online).

Initially, CLG was started to help non-profit ministries leverage technology cost-effectively and minimize overhead to allow use of funding for their missions. As time went on, CLG has branched out into other non-profit and business sectors.

CLG believes technology is transformational in organizations. Technology can improve things operationally or become a means of impact (digital conversion/outreach, social media, etc.). Strong technical support and infrastructure is necessary to lay a foundation for providing digital impact. CLG has supported organizations in several site scenarios such as campuses, remote users, international offices, multiple or single office locations. Over 100 organizations have been serviced including international publishing organizations, Bible translation and publishing, radio stations, homeless shelters, outreach, churches, financial organizations, etc. Services are provided for on premise, private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios.

All the staff are dedicated Christians that are gifted in technology and been heavily involved in their churches (pastors, teachers, missionaries, worship leaders, lay workers, etc.). CLG has no debt and locates itself in different organizations’ locations with no capital overhead to contain costs and billing rates. CLG does not formally advertise and has primarily grown through references, relationships, and word of mouth.

Often CLG serves an organization where their technology infrastructure has become obsolete or been poorly maintained. It is imperative for an organization to invest in its IT infrastructure and strategy in alignment with its business plans. There are many choices in cloud and on premise solutions that can be leveraged for organizations, both in cost savings and functionality. CLG frequently goes into an organization and helps them rebuild their environment for the future.